Who are you and what is Rational Muse about?

Rational Muse

Hi! My name is Heather Hoyt, I love learning, and this is Rational Muse.

I have undergraduate degrees in English, philosophy, and economics. I started my adult life wanting to be a creative writer, and I‘ve written a few novels. But in college, I needed to take some breadth humanities credits, so I took a philosophy class about language, mind, and reality. And I loved it, and added philosophy as a second major.

When I was done with my degree, I ended up doing a game theory class for fun online. I had four babies and grew up a little bit. Then I decided to go back and get a degree in economics after auditing an introduction to economics class to make sure I would like it. And so I got another degree in economics.

I took the GRE and I’m planning on going to graduate school. I started this website so that I can continue learning and sharing what I love. Eventually, I want to finish graduate school, continue to write books, and teach college students about the things I love learning about.

What to Expect

I like when disciplines intersect, and I love the intersection of economics, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and anything in that realm. But I don’t like to study just to learn for learning’s sake: I want my knowledge to be useful, to help inform decisions.

To be honest, I’m still learning. Imposter syndrome and a bit of perfectionism makes me feel like other people are smarter and that I don’t have anything to offer. I’m a little lazy, and I’m not going to have the best posts on the internet. If you want super thoughtful, long, drawn-out analyses that make me look really smart, you’re not going to find that here. But if you want some quick thoughts and occasionally interesting ideas, welcome.

Heather Hoyt, Rational Muse

Heather Hoyt, author of Rational Muse

Rational Muse

The intersection of economics, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, faith, and human thought.

How can learning change your daily life?

Wonder with me.

by Heather W. Hoyt